What is Spatial ETL?


A term coined by Safe Software itself, spatial extract, transform and load (spatial ETL) is the process whereby spatial data flows from source to target systems. It enables you to:

  • Extract data quickly from almost any source, regardless of its originating format and structure – including those for popular CAD, GIS and spatial database solutions
  • Transform data easily into any format and structure required using repeatable workflows
  • Load data seamlessly into the target system directly from FME and make it available exactly when, where and how it’s needed

Read, Transform and Write Data from and to Many Spatial Formats

FME supports a wide range of commonly used spatial formats and applications including:

  • GIS: ArcGIS, MapInfo, GeoMedia, Smallworld
  • CAD: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • spatial databases: PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, Geodatabase
  • rasters
  • point clouds
  • XML-based spatial formats: KML, GML, CityGML
  • BIM: Revit, IFC, SketchUp
  • cloud-based mapping platforms: ArcGIS Online, CartoDB, Socrata
  • and many more

Transform Data to Fit Any Specifications or Requirements

Beyond straight format translation, use FME to manipulate the contents and structure of spatial data to fit the requirements of practically any target system. FME’s transformer tools easily execute tasks like:

  • data mapping between distinct models
  • adding, removing, and editing the names of attributes
  • calculating new values
  • validating and repairing geometry
  • and much more
Innovatech Consulting can you help your Spatial ETL challenges with:
  • To create a full Spatial ETL project, from  assessment, workflows development and documentation to implementation and training of your staff, to assure the maintenance of the good quality of your data
  • Delivery FME, the leading tool for spatial ETL, to your organization
  • Offer official and presencial training
  • Provide the best possible after-sales efforts, with standard support and advanced support

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