Data Validation and Quality Assurance


Do you make decisions based on reliable data?

Concept: Data have quality if “they fit the expected uses in operations, decision-making and planning” (J. M. Juran).

  • What is the cost of the absence of a complete picture of the interactions of your customers with your company?
  • What is the direct cost of inconsistent or inaccurate data on its turnover and its sales?

Innovatech Consulting provides solutions that automate the data quality cycle facilitating management and reducing maintenance costs.

These solutions are scalable and reusable, i.e., after the implementation of a quality project to meet a specific goal, the transfer of technology that we will allow quality projects can be extended to other quality initiatives within the company.

Our solutions ensure that data under their authority and are reliable so that they can be made available to any user and for all domains, applications and projects, enabling your company to have confidence in all of your data.

Innovatech Consulting can you help your data quality challenge with:

  • Assess the quality of your data
  • Clean your data
  • Enrich your data
  • Harmonize your data
  • To create a full data quality cycle, from  assessment, workflows development and documentation to implementation and training of your staff, to assure the maintenance of the good quality of your data
  • Delivery FME, the leading tool for spatial ETL, to your organization
  • Delivery ADVIZOR, the data analytics, visualization and prediction tool that enable your organization to keep one eye in your data quality in real time!
  • Offer official and presencial training
  • Provide the best possible after-sales efforts, with standard support and advanced support

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