Efficiently Convert Data between Hundreds of Formats

Incompatible data formats are a major barrier to moving data between systems. Enable the use of data in practically any application with FME’s enhanced conversion capabilities and support for over 325 formats across a range of data environments including:


  • GIS
  • CAD
  • databases & spatial databases
  • spreadsheets & tabular
  • cloud & web services
  • XML
  • rasters
  • vectors
  • point clouds
  • 3D & BIM
  • and more

Browse FME’s gallery of supported formats here!

Innovatech Consulting can you help your data conversion/ migration challenge with:

  • Map the schemas – “to” and “from”
  • Check the quality of your data, BEFORE convert and/or migrate it
  • Develop workflows to automate the process
  • Run the conversion/migration
  • Check the quality of your data, AFTER convert and/or migrate it
  • Delivery the workflows, so your team can keep these processes, or they can replicate it to another similar situation
  • Delivery FME, the leading tool for spatial ETL, to your organization
  • Offer official and presencial training
  • Provide the best possible after-sales efforts, with standard support and advanced support

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