Decisions – Analysis – Prediction

For us, Business intelligence is to manage taking smarter decisions based on facts, with reliable data in all company management levels – strategic, managerial and operational – with information available in real time, accessible.


Another relevant question assumed is a key value to us is the easy-to-use of the BI tool, product instead of projects.

For those reasons, we chose ADVIZOR Solutions as a partner to delivery our decision making projects.

How long has your company takes to generate reports? Our solutions automate the process of collecting these data, quality validation, and access to a self-configurable reporting interface, defined by the user.

You own reports of your company? They are segmented for each application? And you have to have all data manually? Stop this!

Our solutions streamline the integration of your business information – Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Logistics etc. – Associate all these indicators into a single business intelligence portal!

With our solutions, real-time decision-making is not restricted to a few users. The three levels of decision – direction, management and operational – will



• Have a complete view of your business from analytical applications
• Get real-time information and dashboards on the web, in your company or through apps for tablets and mobile phones
• Act based on real-time data operations
• Allow non-expert users to create their own reports
• Support for BI’s CRM and ERP such as Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Microsiga, JDEdwards and many others
• Modernizing legacy systems to streamline new business initiatives and preserve investments
• Complex reports with information from one or more departments
• Analysis predictive – based on historical data and statistical processes, predict the occurrence of future events.
• Analysis information – crossing information using techniques of Data Discovery, sentimental and statistical analysis to identify patterns.

To reach a complete Business Intelligence Solution we can help you to:

  • Requirements –Understand your requirements for information, reports, your systems, databases and also your MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Data Quality –s a good decision should be taken based upon of good data, we can assess the quality of your data
  • Data Transformation –In the case of need to aggregate data, develop a data mart or data warehouse, we can help. But remember that the ADVIZOR directly reads databases, and other formats like .xls, .csv… and has full range of funcionalities to prepare your data after read it
  • Delivery ADVIZOR, the data analytics, visualization and prediction tool that enable your organization to keep one eye in your data quality in real time!
  • Learning – Establish a full knowledge transfer plan to ensure the implanted solution continuity offering official and presencial training
  • Support – Support your team with ongoing training and advanced support

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