sbs iconSBS provides powerful software products that help better utilize spatial and design data in business processes.

Innovatech offer these technologies to our customers around Latin America, Brazil and USA!

  • SpatialBiz Plug-in
  • OSpatial Plug-in
  • Smallworld Integration Server for Esri Plug-in

SpatialBiz Plug-indownloadsbs iconfme

The SpatialBiz Plug-in for FME is a high performance interface between GE Smallworld and Safe Software’s FME tool for spatial data. With functionality to integrate GE Smallworld with the FME product suite and full control of spatial data translation the SpatialBiz Plug-in for FME allows users to open the Smallworld system to the enterprise.

Move Data into and out of Smallworld SystemsSmallworld_40_screenshot

Use FME to efficiently move data between GE Smallworld™ GIS solutions for utilities and telecommunications planning and 335+ formats and applications.

Reduce cost and accomplish more in less time with a fully integrated workflow in your GE Smallworld environment with FME and SpatialBiz Plug-in.


  • Rapidly translates Smallworld data to over 200 spatial data formats
  • Allows access to Smallworld data from FME tools
  • Data translation solution supports bulk retrieval of Smallworld data
  • Fully aligned with FME product directions


  • Access easy-to-use FME Workbench
  • Reduces custom integration expenses for spatial data translation projects
  • Allows organizations to exploit Smallworld data for a wide variety of applications
  • Mobile computing, Analysis tools and third party applications
  • Flexibility to add new applications quicker

OSpatial Plug-in93sbs iconfme

Synchronization of attribute, geometric and topological data between GE Smallworld Version Managed Datastore’s (VMDS) and Oracle Spatial is now possible with the OSpatial Plug-in, an FME Oracle Integration Server for Smallworld. The Oracle Integration Server can synchronize all attribute classes, join relationships, vector geometry types and Smallworld Manifold topologies.


  • Remap and reshape data models within the FME Workbench
  • Hundreds of transformers, factories and functions are available to modify data and metadata to meet specific site requirements.
  • Fully compatible with FME Server, synchronization processes can be deployed through J2EE compatible application servers.

ESRI1sbs iconfmeSmallworld Integration Server for Esri Plug-in

The next generation of interoperability is here.

The Smallworld Integration Server for ESRI leverages proven technology from SBS and Safe Software to provide a truly open and seamless operating environment. This product takes advantage of FME to dynamically connect the ESRI ArcGIS products with the GE Smallworld VMDS data repository. Key features of past versions such as high performance data access, extensive support for different spatial data types and data interoperability compliment the new features perfectly to provide a robust real-time solution.


  • Integrated architecture allows full access to the Smallworld VMDS data store from the full range of ArcGIS products
  • Support for development of custom tools and applications via ArcObjects for development in ArcToolbox
  • High performance data access via Smallworld data marshalling
  • Web or desktop access via TICS protocol
  • Dynamic data model mapping of Smallworld objects to ArcGIS layers
  • Support for access to Smallworld via live, offline and dynamic cache modes
  • Ability to utilize FME Server, offering a scalable solution


  • Leverage your GIS investments across the enterprise
  • Reduce database maintenance
  • Reduce custom applications
  • Get results faster with less custom development
  • Reduce redundant data sources
  • Integration with minimal customization
  • Create new applications in .NET development environment
  • Open your Smallworld GIS system to over 250 different formats including all of the ArcGIS format

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