Bring FME’s transforming power for the company and makes available data than ever


FME_Server_2Easy to use

Post workspaces of FME Desktop, set in the FME Server web interface, and let FME Server handle the rest.


Employs authentication methods proven and integrates with Active Directory to provide a secure single sign-on experience.

FME_Server_4No coding required

Designed to be used by all technical skill levels, absolutely no coding knowledge is required.


Fits perfectly to support growing requirements of growing businesses.

 FME_Server_6Quick and easy installation   

Get up and run in minutes. Upgrade to new versions without problems.


Internal capabilities to protect data and process failures in equipment or individual installations.

FME_Server_8Provide self-service access to FME transformers and unload routine tasks of data management.


Spend data distribution tasks for the applicants data


Configure FME Server to run as a data download service. Based on user specifications, the data is automatically processed and delivered by eliminating distribution of tasks of repetitive manual data.

Empowering users to validate and load data on their own


Make it easy for people in your organization to share data. By FME Server they can transform, validate and load their own data, and be notified if the upload was successful.

FME no experience or training is required


Post transformers FME to FME Server where users can access and start them without any FME training. The data is automatically processed and delivered to your specified destination.

FME_Server_13Respond to events in real time and instantly deliver data exactly as it is needed.


Send instant notifications when specific events occur


Evaluate events against business logic highly customizable and deliver instant notifications to subscribers when certain criteria are met.

Use sensor data in real time effectively operations


Receive and process the sensor data as soon as it becomes available, applying business logic and automatically transform it for use in decision making.

Live data stream for users in an accessible format


Live data is only beneficial if it is immediately available in a usable format. FME Server transmits data to users, instantly transforming it to meet your exact needs.

FME_Server_18Automatically move data from anywhere to anywhere


Transmit data over the internet, email and mobile devices


No one is out of the FME Server range with automated support for large web, email and mobile publisher and subscriber protocols including: Amazon SNS, FTP, HTTP, Apple Push, Google Cloud Messaging and more.

Schedule recurring tasks of ETL and keep current data repositories


Routinely update data scheduling FME Server to perform ETL tasks automatically at specified frequencies.

Automatically deliver data where and as needed


FME Server automatically applies logic to incoming data that determines where and how it should be delivered, turning it in transit to meet the needs of their destination.

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