Tools to Meet Every Data Integration Challenge

data-integrationThere are many steps involved in a well-constructed data integration plan – inspection, quality assurance, transformation, and delivery are just a few – and FME has the capabilities to help you accomplish each including:

  • A data inspection application to help you understand the characteristics of the different datasets you wish to integrate
  • Data validation to ensure data is of high quality and fit to serve its purpose
  • Broad read and write support for hundreds of formats and applications across a range of data types like spreadsheets, databases, cloud, GIS, CAD, XML and many more
  • The ability to transform the contents and structure of datasets to conform to a unified format and data model

Flexibility to Match Your Exact Data Integration Needs

FME offers a highly flexible solution that can evolve with your changing data integration requirements. It has several deployment options – FME Desktop, FME Server, and FME Cloud – that each have their own merits and levels of automation that are suited to different needs. And whichever product you choose, FME’s workflows are constructed with highly configurable tools, which makes it easy to test different scenarios and make adjustments to suit changing situations.

Improved Productivity through Efficiency and Automation

Author data integration workflows quickly and easily in an intuitive graphical environment. Once configured, processes run without manual interference, freeing you to work on other tasks.

FME Server and FME Cloud offer more advanced automation for enterprise-level data integration and centralization projects with options for creating data loading and distribution services, automating transformation tasks to run based on schedules or events, and taking advantage of real-time data processing.

How FME Works

Convert Virtually Any Format

Incompatible systems? With FME it’s a thing of the past. FME lets you move data between 335+ formats and applications, while preserving data quality throughout the conversion process.

Serious About Spatial

FME provides native support for location data, including the complexity of GIS, CAD, and BIM. Plus, with a library of over 5,000 coordinate systems, our projection is that FME will work for you.

easy-to-useEasy to Use

After a short learning curve – during which Safe’s FME training resources are at your disposal – FME Desktop becomes intuitive and you are able to author workflows in minutes. FME Desktop features:

  • A graphical user interface
  • Drag-and-drop transformer tools
  • Self-documenting workflows
  • Data visualization capabilities

time-savingTime-Saving Functionality

Workflows run in the background without the need for manual interaction – freeing you to work on other tasks.
Reusable workspaces and pre-designed templates cut down on workflow configuration time.

no-codingAbsolutely No Coding Required

FME Desktop is designed for use by all levels of technical expertise and incredible transformation workflows can be configured without any knowledge of coding.

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