ADVIZOR_Solutions_smallADVIZOR is a low cost and extremely easy to use visual front-end to complex data systems. We blend, prep, and synthesize data from all kinds of commercial and operational systems into an integrated in-memory data mart. That mart powers our easy-to-understand interactive dashboards and ad hoc reports, which are designed for self-service business decision making. We are the only vendor anywhere who has integrated no-coding predictive analytics into an end-user data discovery tool targeted at people who don’t have degrees in statistics. And we deliver full solutions that include business consulting so that you don’t have to become an analytics geek to figure out what your data is trying to tell you. We are all about training and empowering your business team through a collaborative effort.

Why Advizor ?images (2)

We slot into the middle ground  between reporting (structured and highly formatted information; requires IT skills to manipulate) and high end analytics (such as SAS or SPSS; requires expertise in statistics to use).  We turn the “cycle of pain” into a highly collaborative speed of thought experience.

What is the cycle of pain?

The “cycle of pain” goes one of two ways:


  1. I have a question which my reports don’t answer.  So, I go back to IT to run a query.  Takes them a week.  I get my answer but it’s not what I was expecting, so I rephrase my question and go at it again . . . and maybe again . . .
  2. I have a question which my reports don’t answer.  So, I get data downloaded into Excel and try to play with it.  But, I don’t have all the data, I can’t cut across many dimensions, it’s really hard to see what’s going on, and it’s hard to explain my answer to anybody.  And, if it worked I keep my Excel spreadsheet because it was hard to get in the first place and now I have outdated data.

How does ADVIZOR eliminate the cycle of pain?

We put your data at your fingertips and make it easy to access, analyze, and understand.  Key factors to eliminating this cycle of pain include our:Captura de Tela 2015-06-15 às 17.08.15

  • Highly interactive visual interface.  Makes it easy to “see” the stories hidden in your data, and then “explore”, “muck around”, “slice and dice” to get answers.
  • Ability to work with large and complex data sets.  We often load 100+ data tables with tens of millions of rows and hundreds of descriptive fields.  We form an “in-memory data mart” that powers our interactive visual interface.  This enables the “query anywhere across anything fast”.
  • Flexible. Completely customizable.  And no data prep or data warehouse required!
  • Easy to use predictive modeling.  Well packaged powerful modeling algorithms run against our in-memory data mart.  Interface is totally point-and-click, and requires no statistics knowledge.  End-users can build models in and hour, and then create scored / ranked list for action.
  • trybuysliderSolution oriented approach.  We complement our software with professional services to create “projects” that load enterprise data and set it up so you can easily work with it.  We start with a list of your key questions, and finish by training you in how to answer those questions.  The deliverable is a working “project” that refreshes either periodically or on-demand.
  • Quick to implement.  We can have you and your team up and running with ADVIZOR in just 6 to 8 weeks from initial kick-off call to final onsite end user training.
  • Affordable.  An ADVIZOR solution is a fraction of the cost of the more traditional reporting systems.


Data Prep

ADVIZOR makes working with data easy, like no other tool anywhere near its price range!

The reality is…

Most companies have data scattered in a variety of places in a variety of formats, making it virtually impossible to get quick answers to the kinds of complex questions that will drive competitive advantage.

Up to now business intelligence solutions have fallen into two categories: (1) heavy-duty back-end data crunchers and processors and (2) front-end visualization and charting tools.  The back-end solutions are typically expensive, require an IT team to manage, sit behind a traditional reporting platform like IBM Cognos or SAP and, frankly, can be overkill for small to medium-sized businesses.  The front-end data visualization and charting tools are a cheaper and faster implementation, but only IF your data is highly formatted or in a nice, tidy data warehouse.  Without the resources of time, money, and talent to invest in a big data warehouse and reporting project, the majority of companies are leaving important and strategic information hidden, untapped and buried in IT land.

What makes ADVIZOR different from other tools on the market?

ADVIZOR fills the gap between traditional, full-stack tools that are expensive and cumbersome, and the modern visualization and charting tools that are business user friendly but lack the powerful technology on the back-end to handle large, complex data sets residing in multiple, disparate data systems.

The ADVIZOR Data Blender

data-blenderThe ADVIZOR Data Blender provides an easy to use visual interface to merge, sort, transform, and append data from diverse formats that may originate from a variety of sources and systems. The Data Blender creates a repeatable process without the need for complex coding or programming. It enables you to:

  • Blend and prep data from disparate sources and formats, including spreadsheets, databases, text files, and cloud sources
  • Merge, sort, transform, and append various tables of data
  • Integrate, aggregate, and transform your data for predictive modeling and analysis
  • Send email alerts should certain thresholds be crossed or conditions met
  • Use the resulting dataset in other ADVIZOR products and also other systems.

The Data Blender is designed for “heavy duty data blending and prep” in front of the other ADVZIOR products.

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