Industry Knowledge – Best Practices – Experience

Innovatech Consulting offers the right combination of industry knowledge, best practices and experience to transform yourbusiness goals into measurable results through consulting services in business intelligence projects, integration and data quality.

Our mission is to guide our customers to optimize their integration processes and decision making through information and analysis. We believe that the increase in productivity of each company we work impact the productivity of the countries, and this were contribute to building a better world!

The basis of our projects:
• Concise Objectives – Aligning business needs with the objectives of the project
• Fast Response – Segmentation of a project defined and estimated deliverable at short notice and which are usable by the customer, contributing to the maturation of the project and transfer of knowledge
• Methodologies – own methodologies based on best practices of PMI
• Knowledge Transfer – ensuring the continuity of the process after the execution of the project
• After-sales structure – support to maintain high availability of implemented projects, and courses with certified instructors to the client’s team training.

Based on best practices and accumulated experience of our company, consultants and suppliers on diverse projects of business intelligence, integration and data quality, we take the best practices and market trends that high-performing organizations have used to succeed.

In a top-down approach, we set out clear objectives of management processes, observing best IT governance practices and decision-making scenarios in real fear for, from there, define the project scope.

The impact of data quality is always observed, because in most cases, the lack of quality may impair the success of an excellent data integration, spatial ETL or BI project.

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