The purpose of this service is to provide an additional level of user support to accelerate the knowledge transfer of the productspurchased by Innovatech and keep the speed of your projects, on the steps of:

► Installation and Configuration
► Requirements Analysis
► Development of ETL flows, Spatial ETL, Dashboards and Reports
► Implementation
► Documentation
► Testing

Also specific activities such as:
► Modeling
► Creating datamarts
► Cleansing and Data Standardization
► Migration, conversion and data load.

In this way, we will have an analyst available during business hours on weekdays for execution of the activities mentioned above.

Customer must designate one or more contacts that could perform support requests. These people should be informed at the time of acceptance of this proposal.

The presence of our employees must be requested by email or phone during business hours at:
► E-mail –
► Phone – xx-xxxx-xxxx

Request Time – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our Professional Services team will contact you within 1 business day after receipt of the request and will contact the customer technical manager to align the understanding of the need, scope, estimated effort (if any), allocate the resource to be used, and how it will be done the service (in person, online and / or via phone) as required by the customer.

After running the support we will send the customer for proof of service one or more items of deliverables list below:

► Reports
► Workspaces of ETL or Spatial ETL
► BI Projects

Measurement of the support will be performed monthly or after execution of the support, measured in hours worked x deliverables. An hour bank report available and used will be sent to the customer.

The costs concerning transport, alimentation and hotels during the execution of these services, will be paid by the customer.

Lead time will be estimated before the beginning of the support activity, which must be approved by the client. If any further action to complete the support activity, it will be presented to the client for further approval, together with the technical opinion.

The hours may be used for a period of 360 days. After this period the remaining hours shall be paid.

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