Last week we finished testing and released ADVIZOR 6.6 for shipment.  Using the FTP instructions at the bottom of this email, you will be able to download 6.6 software as replacement for your prior version of ADVIZOR software.  Note that this software is replacement, not new seats.  You are the one person on your team receiving this information, so please be sure to distribute it to the various end-users.

This software is licensed to members of your team under your Agreement as follows:  License is a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to market and demonstrate the Software to End-Users in the Territory.  This Software is for demonstration purposes only, and is not to be used for internal analysis, or for any customer analysis and results presentation as part of any fee based offering(s).

6.6 contains a number of updates based on customer input since the 6.4 release last February.  There was not a 6.5 release. We recommend that prior versions of ADVIZOR be uninstalled and replaced with 6.6.  All project files created in any 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0 versions of ADVIZOR will work with 6.6.   We recommend that everybody upgrade at the same time since some 6.6 projects may not always run in prior versions.

6.6 includes notable new features and capabilities:

  1. ADVIZOR Server AE:

a. New HTML5 front-end that will support Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

I. As of September, 2015 Chrome and Edge browsers no longer supported our 6.4 and releases which relied on Microsoft Silverlight technology.  Hence we were forced to make this technology change

II. This first release of HTML5 does not yet support our Flight Recorder, Adjustable Chart Panes, and Images in Navigation Panes. // All other functionality has been implemented

III. So, IE, Firefox, Safari (which still support Silverlight) will continue to user our Silverlight technology because it contains these 3 key functions. ADVIZOR Server AE recognizes which browser is being used, and automatically deploys the proper front-end

IV. In our next 6.7 release, targeted for late winter, we will pick up these missing features in HTML5 and at that point all browsers will utilize our new HTML5 front-end, and the Silverlight front-end will be “end-of-lifed”

b. New and refreshed look and feel on our new HTML5 front-end.  This will be brought over to all of our products in our 6.7 release, due out late winter 2016.

c. For tablets:

I. ADVIZOR for iPad app (available from the Apple App Store) remains unchanged

II. Our projects now open with Chrome on Android and MS tablets and phones; but are not yet touch enabled.  That is coming in a next release.

d. A variety of performance improvements and bug fixes.

  1. Analyst/X, Analyst, Desktop Navigator:

a. Horizontal zoom bars: Data Sheets and Summary Sheets now have an optional horizontal zoom bar that can be used to pan the contents of the window or expand or contract the width of columns. The horizontal zoom bar is turned off by default.  It is turned on in the Property Explorer by setting “Show Full Columns” to “true” for a specific Data Sheet or Summary Sheet.  When enabled the sheet is scaled to fully show all columns.  Columns widths can then be manually adjusted as needed and saved as such.

b. Case independent geocode matching: Maps can now match geocode names independent of case. In some cases the geocode names in your data use case inconsistently.

c. Parabox performance: Substantial performance improvements have been made to the Parabox.

d. IP address sorting: IP (Internet Protocol) addresses loaded as strings will now sort based on the numeric value of the IP address rather than in string sorted order. No configuration is necessary. This works for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Also, Expression Builder now supports a new “subnet()” function that may be used to test if an IP address matches a CIDR specification. This may be used to map IP addresses to subnet names. See the “Data Calculator” topic in the User Guide for more information.

e. Time Zones in text file input: Date fields read from a text file containing a time zone specification may have the times converted either into the time zone on the local computer or to a single specified time zone. This is specified with the file “TimeZoneConversion.ini” that is located in the application installation directory. See that file for further information on use of this feature.

f. HP Vertica: The HP Vertica database is now supported as a data source.

g. A variety of performance improvements and bug fixes have been made.

To access more information, download, support for upgrade or answer your questions, please contact us via email:

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