We Make ERP and Shop Floor Data Easy to Work With

We’ve seen it over and over – somebody needs to drill in and understand why an order delayed, or whether a particular customer is truly profitable, or how to figure out risk situations before they occur. And so begins the “Cycle of Pain” – grab some data out of the ERP and/or production system and dump it into Excel. Then try your best to slice and dice it into an answer. Or … go to IT and ask for a series of custom queries and reports. When you finally get the data it raises another set questions that start the cycle over again. Frustration reigns!

At ADVIZOR we deliver software solutions that replace the “Cycle of Pain” with an extremely collaborative and interactive speed-of-thought approach. We provide ad hoc reporting and analysis that is truly easy to use. And we implement quickly, usually in 4 to 8 weeks, without requiring you to do anything with your existing ERP or factory floor systems.

Before ADVIZOR we were responding to events on the floor.  We could not easily look at trends and statistics to determine what was causing good and poor performance.  Reports were limited and it was impossible to conduct comparative analyses with any degree of speed, sophistication, or flexibility!  We needed to change the whole process in order to continue to lead our industry.”

Matt Delawder, VP of Fastener Sorting, SWD, Inc.

Proven Benefits for Manufacturing

ADVIZOR unlocks the “stories” hidden in your data to provide strong ROI in key functional areas:

  • Shop Floor Performance
  • Production Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Product Management
  • Finance & Administration
  • Market Research
  • Customer Insight
  • Human Resources

Full Turnkey Solutions

ADVIZOR doesn’t just offer amazing software.  We also provides business consulting and analytics expertise to help manufacturers learn how to use their data to make better decisions.  Our goal is to get all areas of management aligned in order to optimize their business.  And we’re finding that teams which are not trained in analytics CAN visually analyze their data, slice and dice it, and build predictive models that they can then share with their teams.  We’ve made it that easy.

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