FME Desktop Training – Basic


After this training you will be able to quickly convert their spatial data, change the precise structure of your data model, integrating various types of data with ease and in different environments.


• Introduction – Basic aspects of Spatial ETL
• Basic Data Transformation – the FME Universal Viewer Presentation;
• Data Processing – Presentation of FME Workbench;
• Conversion components – WEF Use for format conversion;
• Datasets and types Feature – Input data, output and features of FME data model;
• Practical Use of Transformers – Knowledge of transformers families and main functions;
• Best Practices – Key WEF uses and tips.

Pre – requirements:

• Professionals who are interested in knowing and using FME.


• 16 hours, divided into two days.


• In the customer premises.


• It should be made available environment with individual computers, o.s. windows with FME software installed, data projector and whiteboard.

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