FME and Smallworld Training


After this training you will be able to quickly convert their spatial data, change the precise structure of your data model to integrate different types of data easily to and from the GE Smallworld.


• Introduction – Basic aspects of Spatial ETL;
• Basic Data Transformation – the FME Universal Viewer Presentation;
• Data Processing – Presentation of FME Workbench;
• Conversion components – WEF Use for conversion GE Smallworld formats;
• Installation and Configuration FME Translator;
• Installation and Configuration SOM;
• Connecting to GE Smallworld – Accessing data through FME Workbench;
• Connecting to GE Smallworld -Visualizando FME Universal Viewer and the FME Data Inspector;
• Extraction and GE Smallworld data conversion formats for GIS, CAD and KML;
• CAD and GIS Entering Data on GE Smallworld;
• Introduction to Data quality streams.

Pre – requirements:

• Professionals who are interested in extracting and include data on the GE Smallworld, perform integration activities with other applications, VMDS database replication GE Smallworld Spatial other banks, performing audit and corrections in layers of basic cartography etc;
• Basic knowledge of GE Smallworld;
• Basic Course FME Desktop (desirable).


• 16 hours, divided into two days.


• In the customer premises.


• It should be made available environment with individual computers, o.s. windows with FME software installed, data projector and whiteboard.

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