FME and Raster Training


This course is a fundamental step in learning to use the full set of features related to raster data available in the FME.
It covers more advanced tasks, to perform more complex transformations in Raster data such as Resampling and Pyramiding banking transactions, identify and change, and bit depth of a band, and transformations involving the raster data type and vector type.


• Introduction
• Terminology
• Understanding Bands
• Understanding interpolation
• Data Interpretation – RasterInterpretationCoercer
• Algebra for Raster
• Offsetting
• Scales
• Cell Calculations Raster
• 3D and Raster
• Surfaces
• raster data distribution via Web
• raster data compression
• Resampling
• Tiling
• Pyramiding
• WebMap Tiler

Pre – requirements:

• Basic Course FME
• Desirable experience in developing flows in FME


• 16 hours, divided into two days.


• In the customer premises.


• It should be made available environment with individual computers, o.s. windows with FME software installed, data projector and whiteboard.

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