FME and ESRI Training


This course covers reading and writing of data sets ESRI format in a FME translation. It goes beyond reading and basic writing to include information on how to deal with some of the most complex types of ESRI geometry.


• Understand the different combinations FME and ArcGIS technology;
• Integration of FME and ArcGIS;
• Perform transformations, including a subtype or domain;
• Perform transformations, including a geometric network and / or relationship classes;
• Read and write notes ArcGIS;
• Reading and writing relationship classes, domains and subtypes;
• Read, write and update ArcGIS metadata;
• Read non-ESRI formats in ArcGIS and make quick Imports and Exports;
• Readers and Writers geodatabase;
• An overview of formats, versions and compatibility;
• Attachments ArcGIS;
• database Transformers;
• Metadata.

Pre – requirements:

• This course is designed for proficient users of the FME who wish to focus on translations and transformations related to ESRI data format as Geodatabase and ESRI data structures specifically for use in ArcGIS. It assumes proficiency with FME Desktop comparable to standard FME Desktop Training Course, as well as experience with the use of Esri ArcGIS and familiarity with the concepts and capabilities of ArcGIS Geodatabase.


• 16 hours, divided into two days.


• In the customer premises.


• It should be made available environment with individual computers, o.s. windows with FME software installed, data projector and whiteboard.

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