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For us the transfer of knowledge is an important component in the implementation of any technology solution. For this, we have a wide range of courses and training “on the job” to ensure that our customers will use our solutions broadly.

All our courses employ a technique of “teach-try-practice”, where each concept is explained, participants will experience the related functionality and a practical exercise at the end reinforces understanding.

We run courses throughout North America and Latin America in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition to the regular grid of courses, we have customized courses – choose your menu! Contact us! We can understand your requirements, such as number of students, specific topics, flexible hours.

The courses have teaching material translated, dynamic and practical, containing brochures and CD’s, taught by expert instructors, trained and certified by the manufacturer.

For information on available dates, duration, curriculum and values, contact our sales staff by telephone xxxxxxx and / or or use our contact form!

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