ADVIZOR Analyst X – Predictive Analytics


This training aims to present the features of Predictive Analytics Software ADVIZOR, for advanced users (creation, editing and publishing).

Program Content:

• Introduction
• Overview
• Predictive Analysis Concepts
• Features ADVIZOR Analyst / X
• Target selection and Population Base
• Visual Exploration of Data
• Field List Selection explanatory
• Model Construction and Analysis
• Output Models lists
• Prediction – Score Population Base
• Potential Targets Lists
• Scenarios of Use and doubts
• Summary and Closing

Pre – Requirements:

• Professionals who have completed the course ADVIZOR Analyst.


• 16 hours, divided into two days.


• In the customer premises.


• It should be made available environment with individual computers, operacial windows system with installed ADVIZOR software, data projector and whiteboard.

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